How many people are there in your technical department? What qualification do they have?

ZHICHENG has a professional R&D team with 10 employees, 5 people with master's degrees or above, 5 people with bachelor's degrees, and 7 of them with intermediate engineer qualification certificates. All technicians have been working in the relevant fields for many years, so they are well experienced. The technical department is dedicated to providing customers with technical advice, solutions, as well as product improvements and updates. If you have any questions about the technology related to our products, we can also provide technical communications.

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How often are your products updated?

Our R&D team members have projects planned annually, in addition to that, the requirements of our customers are also the reason for updating products. So if you have requests for changes to the products, please contact us.


Can you make modifications to the products according to our requirements?

Yes. We can provide customized services. For example, the built-in valves for smart gas meters are all customized in most cases, so we would adjust our valves to adapt to all types of gas meters of customers. Other products can also be modified a little.
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Can the products carry the customer's logo?

Yes. If you like our products and decide to order goods up to a certain quantity level, our products can carry your logo.
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What online communication tools do you have?

We can use Email, Alibaba, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, WeChat, Skype, and Messenger. If you need video or audio contact, we can use Teams, Tencent Meeting, or Wechat Video to connect.
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How long is the normal delivery time?

Delivery time will vary depending on the ways of transportation. The consignment time for samples will be within a week. For mass production, about 15 days will be taken for goods’ readiness, and the goods will be consigned after receiving the final payment.
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Do you have MOQ for products? What is the minimum quantity?

Yes. The minimum order quantity varies for each product. Please  contact us. directly.

What is your capacity? How large is your scale?

Our productivity reaches about 600,000 valves per month. Our factory covers an area of 12 thousand square meters. We always deliver high-quality products on time.
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What differentiates your products from your peers?

With more than 20 years of R&D experience, a deeper accumulation of technology is behind our products. We always strive to meet the needs of our customers, so that's why our products are not only of better quality, but also can be customized and modified according to customer requirements. In addition, we have an excellent technical team to help our customers solve product-related problems at any time. Therefore, we are able to provide not only products, but also services for our customers.
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Quality Control

What testing equipment does your company have?

We have an independent laboratory equipped with a variety of testing equipment. A measuring projector, temperature chamber, and many other instruments are used to ensure the accuracy of testing. In addition, the production line is also equipped with relevant testing devices to ensure the quality control of the whole production process.
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What is your QC standard?

We use a 100% full inspection method, all products will be tested and be qualified before leaving the factory.
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What are the acceptable payment methods of your company?

We support the order and payment through Alibaba international website, Alibaba platform supports a variety of payment methods. In addition, we support T/T Advanced.
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What is your status among your peers?

We are one of the largest gas meter valve manufacturers in China. We have accumulated 20 years of experience in the field of gas meter valves and have been taking the lead in this industry.

How does your company keep customers' information confidential?

Our company pays attention to the confidentiality of our customers' data. Only certain people have access to client information and all computers in our company are equipped with an encryption system to ensure that client documents and information will not be leaked.