About Us

Phase I: Start

(2000 - 2006)

20 years ago, at the time when Zhicheng was not yet established, the Wish Instruments Company had established a business unit for intelligent devices. The company keenly discovered the prospect of the prepaid gas meter market, so it started to develop the necessary parts for smart gas meters: gas meter built-in motor valve. Although the initial market capacity was insufficient due to the smart gas meter having only just begun to develop, the annual production of gas meter valves reached 10,000 pieces by 2004, making a great step forward for the division.

Through the self-developed screw valve structure and continuous improvement of the type RKF-1 valve, the company developed with the market and achieved its first volume breakthrough in 2006, with an annual output of 100,000 pieces. At this time in the field of intelligent gas meter valves, the company began to occupy a leading position.

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Phase II: Development and M&A

(2007 - 2012)

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With the development of the industry, the smart gas meter market has been expanding and the company's production capacity has been increasing. However, the single valve structure can no longer meet the gradually diversified customers’ meter types and requirements, due to the increasing number of smart meter manufacturers in the market. To adapt to market changes, the company acquired Chongqing Jianlin Fast-closing Valve in 2012 and added an advanced product line—RKF-2, becoming one of the few domestic manufacturers capable of producing fast-closing valves. At the same time, the company continues to improve the RKF-1 valve, optimize the structure, reduce costs and improve its reliability, so the RKF-1 valve became an advantageous item for the company to explore the market. Since then, the business has been further expanded and the company has gradually developed and grown.

Phase III: New Beginnings

(2013 - 2016)

Since 2013, the growth of the domestic smart gas meter market has accelerated and the demand for built-in motor valves has increased rapidly. In the past decades, the company has insisted on innovation-driven development and has stayed in the front edge of valve manufacturing. In 2013, the annual output of valves exceeded 1 million, making huge progress for the business. In 2015, the annual output of valves reached 2.5 million, and the company has formed a large-scale production, ensuring stability for output and quality. The annual output of valves reached 3 million in 2016, and the company's leading position in the industry has been set. In the same year, the business segment of the Intelligent Apparatus Division was separated from Wish Company to be established as Chengdu Zhicheng Technology Co., due to the consideration of the flexibility of business development and the continuous expansion of the company. Since then, a new chapter has begun for Zhicheng Company.

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Phase IV: Rapid Development

(2017 - 2020)


Since the establishment of the company, the gas meter valve industry has gradually developed towards standardization. The market demands higher standards for products, and competition has become more intense. In order to meet the market demand, the company started to develop the RKF-4 shut-off valve, which has lower pressure loss and smaller size compared to the RKF-1 valve, and can be adapted to more meter versions.
At the same time, commercial and industrial gas meters are also promoting intelligence. Zhicheng launched the RKF-5 commercial and industrial valve, which covers the flow range from G6 to G25 and enables the adaptation for gas meters of various types.
In 2017, the company's annual production exceeded 5 million for the first time. With the implementation of the national "coal to gas" plan, the smart gas meter industry saw an explosive growth. As a result, the company has entered a phase of rapid development, continuously promoting professional and standardized operation and thriving in the industry.

Phase V: Integrated Development

(2020 - now)

Starting from 2020, the growth of the domestic gas meter market has slowed down. Since the peer competition has become very intense and the market has gradually become transparent, the gas meter manufacturers are more sensitive to prices, so the profit margin of the company's business has been compressed. In order to achieve sustainable development, the company divided its business into four major segments: gas meter built-in motor valves, pipeline gas controllers, gas safety products, and other gas-related products, to explore new markets. The company is vigorously developing pipeline valves, flow meter controllers, and gas-related products, and gradually developing new customer groups outside of traditional gas meter manufacturers.
At the same time, the company started an international trade business in 2020 to promote mature domestic products to the international market. New customers brought new requirements, making the company's production process and quality system more standardized. The company takes the international standard as the criterion and gets more international certification. While developing business, the company is well recognized by customers with its sincere attitude, excellent quality, and first-class service, taking a big step forward on the road to broaden its market.